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I am a visual thinker, so it is this mindset that I hope to exploit and share with others. Language is only a recent development in the evolution of intelligence, with many millions of years of organisms relying primarily on vision for understanding. Still to this day, the amount of data taken in by our eyes dwarfs that of our other senses. Your visual cortex is a powerful device, and it would be a waste not to use it when thinking about physics, therefore I hope to stimulate your mind by activating those ancient functionalities of the brain which are already optimized to pick out patterns of behavior in the physical world.

I have only as much free time as my day job allows, but I have a long and growing todo list. What I've created here is hopefully just the beginning of this adventure. Polyphys is essentially my virtual laboratory, with a diverse array of interactive apps representing high-level concepts in a way that I hope will inspire both experts and non-experts alike. All you have to do is play and think, and if you find yourself observing something beautiful or perplexing while using these apps, then know that you are communing with a fundamental level of reality.

- Andy

Created by Dr. Andrew G. Barrette (2021),