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2e Field
Retarded fields and moving charges
4D Orbits
4D orbits projected onto 3D space
AI Games
Where the goal is to design a winning strategy
Aliasing in 2D
...resulting in spectral folding
Alias Renormalization
Interference measured with a slow instrument
Training a neural network to model a function
Bessel Integral
Integrate Bessel's integral to get Bessel functions
Gaseous Billiards
Simulation of gas mechanics via billiard scattering
Ballistic Billiards
Ballistic simulation via billiard scattering
Binary Families
Ordered lists of binary number containing N "1"s
Organize concepts using a visual interface
"Photonic vortices"
Summed vorticinal fields
Circular Spectrum
A circular spectrum produces an isolated wave peak
Fourier commutation
See how spatial transformation operators affect spectrum
Confined Particles
Particles confined by a central force
Confined Waves
Particles replaced by complex Gaussian waves
Dephasing Melody
...traces out every possible melody
Look at the spectrum of a function
Effect of surface roughness on reflections
Wave evolution from custom dispersion relation
Power Clock
Visual tabulation of power law equation
When distortion of a field produces no kinks
Hop Primes
Platform game on a prime spiral
Hop Multiples
Platform game: Hop across multiples
Hyperbolic space
Transformations on a triangular grid
Image Engraver
Convert image to G-code for laser engraving
Curve Transform
Fourier transform based on integral over parametric curve
Mirror Space: Ellipse
Reflections between ellipse foci in mirror space
Mirror Space
Reflections in a cavity map to propagation in mirror space
Multiplicative interference between two similar patterns
A moving charge emits a field that induces motion in a rotor
Temporal modulation produces spectral splitting
Simulate the response of an antenna of arbitrary geometry
2D Brownian noise
Lake shapes from stochastic terrains
2D Nonlinearity
Nonlinear mixing of 2D components via arbitrary function
Many-body kinetics for various force laws
Poincare sphere
A representation of light's polarization states
Polar vortex
Confinement with an angular force
Charges are attracted to regions of weak average field intensity
Study "potential symmetry" for discrete configurations
Spectral effects of nonlinearity applied to 2D beam profile
Track the temporal phase of a Newtonian electron
Repulsion Spectrum
Spectrum of spacetime paths for repelling particles
Series Explorer
Study spectral properties of discrete series
Central Flow
Flow representation of vector field
Central Flow v2
Particles as sources and sinks exerting a central force on a fluid
Smoke Stream
Drift and diffusion, but no turbulance
Star Ride
Continuous transformations of a field of points
Twisted Retarder
Polarization transforms upon propagation through the stack
Wave Equation
1D simulation of complex waves
Wind Tunnel
Laminar flow, tails, jets, drafting, etc.
Zeta Phasor
Phasor analysis of Riemann zeta function
Created by Dr. Andrew G. Barrette (2021),